CS Series Compression Seals

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    The CS Series Compression Seals are high performance elastomers that combine the best attributes of vulcanised rubber – such as flexibility and low compression set – with the processing ease of thermoplastics, making it the ideal seal for expansion joints. These properties allow heat welding on site to maintain a constant seal over any length and through angles & upturns.

    CS Series Seals are ideal for non-trafficable expansion joints.

    Walls, Barriers & Upturns:
    Combining the CP Series Expansion Joint System with the CS Series Compression Seals, continuous seals can be created to run from the car park through to seal only for gutters, walls and barriers. (All trafficable areas should use CP Series). The ability to cut and join on site allows for the fabrication of upturns that continue the waterproofing integrity of the entire joint.


    • FC480™ Lubricant Adhesive is supplied with CS Series Compression Seals.

    Seal joining process through heat welding:

    • The santoprene seals can be quickly and easily heat welded on site to ensure a continuous seal through the joint, and enable upturns through gutters, barriers, columns & walls. Details of the process are available in the CP Installation and Work Method process.
    • Required tools:  Miska Heat Welding Pad (ZSLF110) with temperature control.
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